• Students will evaluate patients with neurological disorders and provide consultative services in the neonatal care unit, pediatric intensive care unit, and on medical and surgical services.
  • Typical diseases include metabolic encephalopathies, developmental problems, iatrogenic CNS complications, CNS infections, stroke, CNS complications of cancer, headaches and pain, evaluating loss of consciousness and seizures, myopathies.
  • Students will help ensure effective communication of the neurological plan to the requesting physicians, and provide follow-up on results and progress.


Consult rotation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, covering the hospital and emergency room. You will be asked to evaluate acute neurological problems of a diverse nature. The pediatric neurology consult pager is 823-0323. On Friday attend Neurology Grand Rounds 0800-0900 unless cancelled.


The time for Attending Rounds will be decided at the start of each day. You will see consults, and this will include reviewing their records, speaking with the patient and family, examining him/her, and communicating the issues to the Neuro Peds Fellow. Since this is a consult service, you need to write thorough notes which communicate the thought process and recommendations clearly to the requesting physician. Rounds will typically last until 5-6 pm. When they occasionally run past 6pm, you are expected to stay until they are complete.

You should attend one half-day clinic each week. You will discuss and make your clinic selections for the two weeks during the orientation with Dr. Larsen so that the appropriate attendings can be contacted in order to plan on your attendance in clinic. Do let your Peds Fellow know which clinics you attend so they can plan to distribute new consults appropriately. Refer to Peds Clinic Schedule for cancelations and start times.