Prior to orientation, you should have received

  • Solicitation and assignment to the Inpatient Neurology experience of your choice.
  • Solicitation and assignment to clinics for the 4 weeks.
  • A copy of the conference schedule.
  • A copy of resident assignments, days on-call and days-off for reading.

Prior to orientation, you should review and prepare

  • Neurologic Exam from your Year 2 Practice of Medicine Course
  • Guide to the History, Exam, and Oral Presentation
  • Neurologic Diagnosis and Localization
  • Neurologic Write-up

During orientation, we will cover

  • Components and Structure of the Clerkship
  • Clerkship Objectives and How These Are Supported
  • Which Symptoms and Disorders Should Be Covered by Clerkship Experiences, Didactics and Assigned Reading
  • Conference Objectives and Required Preparation
  • When and How to Utilize Self-Assessment and Feedback
  • Clinic Expectations
  • How to Perform the Neurologic Exam
  • Performance Analysis Journaling Assignments