Sample weekly didactics schedule

Morning Brain Cutting ConferenceMorning Report/EMG ConferenceMorning ReportGrand Rounds
NoonQuality Improvement

Neuromuscle Conference

EBM/Stroke lectures

CNS lectures

Social determinants of health & healthcare disparities lecture series
Clinical Neuroscience Lecture Journal Club

Residents as Teachers
EEG Conference

Lunch and Learn

AfternoonSelect lecture*Neurocritical care lecture seriesSelect lecture*Select lecture*Select lecture*
* A series will be selected as available. For example, Neurology Resident Research Forum (NRRF), Global Health, Neurocritical Care Lecture Series, or other lectures.

Resident-invited Grand Round speakers

Every year, the residents will choose speakers to give departmental Grand Rounds. The visitors’ honorarium and associated travel costs are covered by the department.

For the 2022-2023, the residents have selected:

  • Stephanie J. Nahas, MD, MSEd, FAHS, FAAN (Thomas Jefferson University)
  • Guy Rouleau, OC, OQ, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FRSC (McGill University)

Neurology Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds occur weekly in conjunction with Neurosurgery, Neuropathology, Neuro-Ophthalmology and Neuroradiology. The joint participation of these other services together with Neurology in this weekly clinical-highlight conference is emblematic of the spirit of collaboration that pervades Washington University and permits the conference to seek definitive, interdisciplinary conclusions regarding the optimal management of specific patients or disease conditions. Visiting professors and other outside lecturers enrich this conference on a regular basis.

Other lectures and conferences

  • Hope Center Neuroscience Conference: Monday noon
  • ADRC Research Conference: Tuesday noon
  • Neuromuscular Grand Rounds: Wednesday mornings
  • Nerve/Muscle Biopsy Readout: Wednesday morning and Saturday morning
  • Neurophysiology Lecture Series: Wednesday afternoon
  • Movement Disorders Journal Club: Thursday afternoon
  • Epilepsy Surgery Conference: Thursday mornings
  • Epilepsy Journal Club: Thursday mornings
  • The department hosts several named lectureships, including the Bishop, Gitt, Landau and Levy lectureships.