Nurse practitioner Amber Malcom sees a patient for ALS and neurological tests at the Center for Advanced Medicine on April 4, 2019. MATT MILLER/WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

Large, diverse patient population

As the only major referral center for our region, we attract a large patient base from surrounding states and across the entire Midwest. Patients also represent significant diversity in age, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

St. Louis is home to individuals from all over the world, and in fact has one of the nation’s fastest-growing foreign-born populations. Notably, St. Louis has a significant Bosnian community fed initially by refugee resettlement. To meet the needs of this ethnically diverse region, Barnes-Jewish Hospital offers interpreter and translation services in roughly 80 languages.

As a safety-net provider, we also treat underserved patients from both urban and rural settings, each group with its own set of challenges. 

In this environment, trainees and faculty alike are exposed to a large volume of cases and treat everything from the common to the rare and complex, with abundant opportunities for clinical growth, research and advocacy.

Cultural competency 

Our patient population, along with our core values around diversity, equity and inclusion, help us to foster development of culturally competent physicians.

Multidisciplinary approach, comprehensive expertise

WashU Medicine has nationally recognized strength in every area of clinical medicine. Faculty and trainees are steeped in a highly multidisciplinary, collaborative environment, surrounded by excellence across the field of neurology and all related specialties, including neurosurgery, trauma, emergency medicine, internal medicine, radiology and psychiatry. As a result, gathering an individualized team of experts for each patient is easy, and early learners develop a collaborative approach to medicine from the start of their careers.  

We are a leading center for nearly every area of clinical neurology, including movement disorders, neuromuscular disease, sleep medicine, neuroCOVID, neuroAIDS, sarcoidosis, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, Tourette’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy and stroke.  

Our hospital partners

Our teaching hospitals, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital, are consistently ranked among the best in the country. Both are the largest of their kind in the state and provide comprehensive care services.