Headache Center

Improving the lives of headache sufferers through patient care, research and educational programs

Improvement in the lives of those who suffer from headache is the goal of the Washington University Headache Center. This is accomplished by a three-pronged strategy:

  • Patient care
  • Education
  • Research

Patient Care

Providing state-of-the-art patient care is the number one goal of the Washington University Headache Center. When a patient visits our center they can expect a comprehensive evaluation by an expert in the field of neurology and headache. This will include a detailed medical history, careful examination and review of prior records and diagnostic tests. Depending upon the results of this evaluation, additional testing may or may not be necessary. Once receiving a diagnosis, treatment recommendations are made. Depending on patient needs, treatment may include medications, avoidance of headache triggers, physical therapy, biobehavioral treatments, and others.

Prior to the first visit at the Washington University Headache Center, it is helpful for patients to collect specific information about their headaches. This should include headache frequency, timing, location, potential triggers, current and past treatments, and prior tests performed.

The Washington University Headache Center is currently accepting patient referrals. To schedule an appointment call (314) 362-7241.


Clinical research is another focus at the Washington University Headache Center. Only through research will significant advances in the field of headache be made.

For a description of currently enrolling studies please visit the Volunteer for Health website.

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