How deep sleep keeps our brains intact (Links to an external site)

A patient undergoes a sleep study at the Washington University Sleep Medicine Center.

When you live with dementia, your sleep breaks apart, the nights a strobe-lit blur, the grayed days lost to catnaps. Physicians — and families — have known this for years. But what no one realized, until landmark research at Washington University in 2009 set a series of studies in motion, was that fragmented sleep might […]

Neuroscience leaders tour research building construction site (Links to an external site)

Department heads and other leaders at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis recently toured the site where the Neuroscience Research Building is being constructed. The group included (from left) Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD, head of the neurology department; Linda Richards, PhD, head of the neuroscience department; David Holtzman, MD, past head of the neurology department; and Gregory Zipfel, MD, head of the neurological surgery department, among others.

Neuroscience leaders and other faculty and staff at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis got an up-close look at the Neuroscience Research Building during a recent tour of the construction site. The framework of all 11 stories has been built, and the process of wrapping the building in glass is underway. On the […]

Classmates Reunite at Alumni Weekend 2022 (Links to an external site)

Holtzman Northwestern reunion

In the fall of 1983, Jennifer Ho, ’88 MD, visited Feinberg for the first time for her medical school interview. Ho recalled that she was impressed by the medical school’s research and clinical training opportunities and having grown up in Southern California, she said that seeing snow for the first time in Chicago was a […]