• Resident Clinic is located in BJH Center for Outpatient Health, 4th Floor, Workroom B
  • The Barnes Hospital Resident clinic strives to serve the mutual goals of resident ambulatory care education and provision of care to underserved and vulnerable patients.
  • Students will work with a resident. To maintain on-time appointments, residents may have a more active role in interviews, exams, and presentations to keep clinic on time.

Work Flow:

  • New Patients or Initial Office Visits (IOVs) are checked-in at 12:30-12:45 pm on M-Tu-W-Th.
  • All patients must register prior to being taken back in the clinic area. Patients are initially taken back by nursing staff for vital signs and a Health History. This may take 10-20 minutes depending on the patient.
  • While waiting, referral records may be reviewed in Allscripts (“secondary records”). Note reason for referral.
  • Residents arrive at 1 pm.
  • Attendings (two) arrive between 1 – 1:15 pm.
  • IOVs should take no longer than 45 minutes, and Follow-up (FU) or Return Office Visits (ROVs) no longer than 25 minutes. Please strive for efficiency.

Student Role:

  • Students arrive at 12:50 to begin history on IOVs that have completed registration and nursing intake. If resident is already present, resident and student will start visit together.
  • If IOV patient is available prior to 1 pm, prior to resident arrival, begin on the interview. Kindly ask Clinic Nurse (name on white board by check-out) for room directions. When resident arrives, s/he will enter exam room, start note in Allscripts, and you will verbally summarize the history for visit note with patient.
  • For Follow-Up (FU) or Return Office Visits (ROVs), resident will be present at start of encounter.
  • For interview, resident enters documentation into Allscripts, listens to student interview, and provides guidance to ensure completion.
  • Exam will be conducted by student and resident together.
  • Student will present to attending (with resident contributing as needed). If clinic gets backed up, resident will be directed to complete oral presentation.
  • Resident handles patient education and instruction on plan of care.
  • Resident handles administrative tasks (i.e. forms to fill out, prescriptions), while student moves to next patient with same or different resident as directed by attending physician.
  • Students should seek advice from attending for direction on which residents/patients to follow for maximum learning.
  • Teaching session is held at 4:30 pm covering an interesting/challenging case from clinic, or a topical discussion. Clinic is scheduled to end at 5 PM.


  • Resident clinic is not formally evaluated. Resident and attending can provide formative verbal feedback. Be proactive to see patients with whomever has patients. Professional behavior and dress is expected.
  • Attendings and residents will email/call the clerkship director for the following: Skipping clinic, arriving late or leaving early without professional/educational reason, lack of engagement, not being proactive, showing disrespect, etc.
  • Outstanding involvement during clinic may be considered during the grading session to improve overall student evaluation.

Pediatric Resident Clinic

  • Located in Saint Louis Children’s Hospital 2nd Floor Suite D
  • Starts at 1:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Upon Arrival, Attending Should Direct You to Stay with Junior Resident, Work with Senior Resident, or Stay with Attending

Specialty Clinics

  • Start Time Should be Listed on Assignment Summary
    • Based upon IDX schedule
  • Plan Arrival 10 Minutes Prior to First Patient
  • Consider emailing attending the day prior to clinic as a reminder

Neurosurgery Clinic

  • Friday Afternoons for Those Assigned to Neurosurgery